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Iona Nunnery

Iona Nunnery – The tombstone of Prioress Anna MacLean who died in the year 1543 with the mysterious ancient symbolism. On one side of the tombstone is an effigy of Anna surrounded by angels and towers.  The opposite side of the tombstone features ‘Mary with Child’ situated between Twin Pillars.  The sun and the moon feature prominently, a symbol of ‘Balance’ of opposites (Masculine/Feminine) – an ancient paradigm for wholeness and healing throughout the ages.  The symbolism on the graveslab parallels with the symbolism associated with the ‘High Priestess Tarot Card’ (La Papesse), also known as ‘Persephone, Isis and Artemis.’  The High Priestess (La Papesse) represents ‘Hidden Wisdom, Secret Traditions and the higher sense of Female Mysteries.’  The Tower is also an ancient symbol of Mary Magdalene.


Iona Nunnery



Iona Nunnery


Art Work Sketch by Deborah McLernon The Tombstone of Prioress Anna MacLean


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