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Scone Palace

Scone Palace – the ancient site where the Kings of Scotland were crowned on the Stone of Destiny, from the time of Kenneth MacAlpin in the 9th century and also the site of Scottish Parliaments. The place of coronation was called Caislean Credi, ‘Hill of Credulity’, which is know today as the present Moot Hill. The coronation of King Robert the Bruce, took place on Moot Hill on March 1306. The Stone of Destiny was removed from Scotland by King Edward I of England in 1296 and a replica remains at the site. The original Stone of Destiny is now thought to reside at Edinburgh Castle, however doubt remains as to its authenticity. Legend claims the stone was brought from Egypt by Queen Scota, to Ireland and then to Scotland.

Moot Hill


Ancient Baptismal Font on Moot Hill


Scone Palace




A Replica of the Stone of Destiny