The Sacred History of Scotland...

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Sacred Scotland


The truth is sown everywhere, existing since the beginning; some see it at the time it is sown, but few see it at the time of harvest…

~The Gospel of Philip~

For many years Deborah has traveled throughout her Scottish homeland, visiting sacred sites and ancient locations in Scotland. Sites including Rosslyn Chapel, Holyrood Palace, Mount Schiehallion and the Sacred Islands of Mull and Iona, alongside many other ancient sites.

These ancient locations were considered sacred to the ancient people, including the Druids, Culdees, Celts, Royalty and the Knights Templar.  Powerful men and women who understood and honoured the sacred energetic and historical landscape of Scotland.   As Deborah travels to each site she provides enlightening insights about each of these powerful locations, sharing her photo galleries and insights regularly on her Facebook page and website.  This section includes a synopsis of her journeys and findings from her travels around Scotland.