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St. Giles Cathedral

St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh – situated on the Royal Mile between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyrood.  The Cathedral contains a wealth of mystical symbolism throughout its many carvings and stained glass windows. St. Giles was a hermit saint from Athens, whose legend is centered in the South of France.  The tomb in the French abbey Giles was believed to have founded, in Saint-Gilles-du-Gard, was a place of pilgrimage on the route of Santiago de Compostela, the Way of St. James…


My visit to St. Giles Cathedral…


Spectacular View of the Cathedral


St. Giles Interior 2016


A Symbol of the Grail


Angel Baptismal Font

The Thistle Chapel

St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh – the Thistle Chapel, designed by Robert Lorimer and completed in 1911. It is the chapel of the Order of the Thistle, Scotland’s Order of Chivalry. The floor is made of Ailsa Craig granite and squares of Iona marble, a legendary stone highly revered since ancient times. Iona marble is also known as Columba’s stone/tears, it is believed to have sacred and healing properties. A carving of an angel playing Bagpipes can be seen amidst the ornate carvings. This ancient carving is also featured at Rosslyn Chapel. The magnificent stone vaulted ceiling has ornamental bosses, carved at every intersection of the ribs in the shape of thistles, roses, acorns, hawthorns and vines by the sculptor, Joseph Hayes.

Thistle Chapel Ceiling copyright
The Ceiling in the Chapel


copyright thistle chapel7
The carved canopies with the helms and crests of the knights.


The carving of St. Andrew


Thistle Chapel2 copyright
The Carving of the Angel Playing Bagpipes


Picture1 copyright
Isla Craig Granite and Iona Marble Flooring


Highlights of my Visit to the Chapel