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Wallace’s Well

Wallace’s Well is situated in Robroyston, near Glasgow.  This ancient site is believed to be the well where Knight William Wallace spent the last few days of his freedom in Scotland drinking from the spring.   Wallace was betrayed and captured at a farmhouse close to this ancient location, in August, 1305.  He was on his was to seek support from the Bishop of Glasgow, Robert Wishart, in his fight for Scottish Independence.  William Wallace was taken to London by English Troops and executed.  His close friend Kerlie, who was also with him was captured and killed.

This Ancient Well is the last location associated with William Wallace’s last days of freedom in Scotland.  It is a truly remarkable site.  Wallace’s Well was removed from Historic Scotland’s list of protected monuments, and it came under threat from housing developers in 1993.  Thanks to the efforts of Scottish Historians and the William Wallace Society, this ancient spring was saved from destruction and is now preserved for future generations to visit and enjoy.


January 2016 – Wallace’s Well