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St. Margaret’s Chapel, Edinburgh Castle

‘This Holy Place is the Oldest Surviving Building in Edinburgh…’

St. Margaret’s Chapel in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle was built by King David I in 1130 in dedication to his mother Saint Margaret of Scotland. The chapel has a remarkable history. It was once one of the most sacred places in Scotland. King Robert the Bruce ordered the chapel to be saved during the destruction of the castle when it was re-captured from the English in 1314.  The Royal Family worshipped within this ancient chapel.


St. Margaret’s Chapel
Chapel Information

A Powerful Location

The Chapel is considered sacred not only in terms of its extraordinary history, but also because of its powerful location. According to author and researcher David Cowan, in his book ‘Ley Lines and Earth Energies’, Edinburgh Castle is situated on a ‘Volcanic Plug’ that ‘radiates telluric energy in all directions, like the spokes of a wheel.’ Over 30 years of research into Earth Energy Lines throughout the British landscape, led Cowan to findings which reveal how the ‘sacred geometry of the landscape’ has been ‘constructed to match the ley lines and energy points of the land.’

Ancient people were privy to this sacred knowledge and they built their structures accordingly, including standing stones, pyramids, mounds and burial sites. Sites that were considered to be a locus for powerful Earth Energies were centers of ritual and healing.  Over time, this knowledge was suppressed by the Catholic Church and kept privy by Secret Societies, including the Knights Templar.


My Visit to Edinburgh Castle




St. Margaret Stained Glass Window


St. Columba Stained Glass Window


Inside the Chapel


St. Margaret’s Chapel


A Copy of St. Margaret’s Gospel


My video exploring St. Margaret’s Chapel: