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Falkirk Memorial Cairn

On the 22nd of July 2015, the 717th Anniversary of the Battle of Falkirk, I visited the Falkirk Memorial Cairn to honor the legacy of Knight, Sir William Wallace and the thousands of Scottish Patriots who fought and died under his command. The 22nd of July is also the feast day of St. Mary Magdalene.

Saint Mary Magdalene Stained Glass Window St. Mungo’s Religious Museum, Glasgow…

The Cairn was unveiled in 2007 on the nearest Saturday to the 709th anniversary of the Battle of Falkirk – 22.07.1298. Several poignant tributes were laid at the Cairn by many Groups and Patriots including the ‘Society of William Wallace’, the ‘Scottish Knights Templar’ and Scottish National Party Constituent Groups. Inscribed on the cairn it states: ‘They came to the ring and danced their best…’ and ‘Bas Agus Buaidh’, an old Scottish battle-cry in Gaelic: Death and Victory.

22nd of July 2015


Falkirk Memorial Cairn


A Dedication from the Scottish Knights Templar


A Dedication from the Society of Sir William Wallace


Dedication Inscription…