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Marjory Bruce

Scottish Princess

Marjory Bruce (1296 – March 1316) was the eldest daughter of King of Scots, Robert the Bruce, by his first wife Isabella of Mar. On 27 March 1306, King Robert was crowned King of Scotland at Scone.  Marjory became Princess of Scotland at the tender age of nine.  She  later married Walter, High Steward of Scotland giving rise to the Royal House of Stewart. Her son by Walter, became King Robert II of Scotland, the first Stewart monarch.

Marjory Bruce
Marjorie Bruce


Following King Robert the Bruce’s defeat at the Battle of Methven, his female relatives were sent north for safety. They were all captured and handed over to the English by the Earl of Ross, and sent to different places throughout England. Marjory was sent to a convent at Watton, her aunt Mary Bruce and the Countess of Buchan were imprisoned in cages, and exposed to public view. Mary Bruce, King Robert’s sister was suspended in a cage at Roxburgh Castle. She was aged just 24. Mary’s older sister Christian Bruce was imprisoned in a Gilbertine nunnery in Lincolnshire.

Isabel, Countess of Buchan by Stewart Carmichael

Following the death of the English King Edward I, he was succeeded by his son Edward II who held Marjory captive in England for another 7 years. She was finally released following the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Marjory died aged nineteen, following a riding accident in Paisley. She was pregnant at the time of death, but her son survived the fall and became King Robert II of Scotland. Marjory’s descendants include the Royal house of Stuart and their successors.

Paisley Abbey

Marjory was buried at Paisley Abbey however her tomb was disturbed during renovation work. The remains of her tomb lay in the abbey gardens until 1830 when a minister of the church had the tomb restored.  Pieces of various tombs were used to rebuild the sarcophagus seen today in the abbey.

Marjory’s Tomb

Marjory’s Tomb
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