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Legendary Women

Throughout my many years of travel and research, I have encountered many women who made a ‘powerful’ and ‘legendary’ impact on history. Tragically, these women were often the victims of persecution, falsely portrayed as ‘scheming temptresses’ or ‘witches’, ‘heretics’, ‘shamed’, ‘denigrated’ and they were often ‘executed’. Many of them suffered immeasurably in the months/years leading up to their deaths.

Evidence continues to emerge which reveals the true picture of these women’s characters. This is in direct opposition to what history has led us to believe. History has presented us with a one dimensional perspective of powerful women, written by male contemporary chroniclers. These men were ‘secret agents’ of religious or political institutions, and were hired with a specific agenda to destroy and silence powerful women who challenged the patriarchal power hierarchy.

This false portrayal of women has and continues to serve a greater patriarchal agenda – to keep the voices of women silenced, and the legendary nature of their true essence hidden. Their feminine wisdom has often remained hidden within the lost or forgotten annals of history, exactly as was intended.

Today we are living in changing times, where the sacred feminine is calling out to be integrated into our lives.  This quest includes the need for a revised analysis of powerful women in history who were and remain falsely portrayed today.