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Kilmartin Valley

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The Sacred Landscape of Kilmartin Valley

Kilmartin Valley is one of the most beautiful and remarkable places in Scotland, it is a timeless landscape. It contains more than 350 ancient monuments that include rock carvings, standing stones, and Neolithic and Bronze Age burial cairns. It was once the capital of Scotland. Dunadd, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Dalriada is found nearby. The area is aligned to a powerful Energetic grid and is a locus of powerful Earth energies. The architects of the ancient sacred sites understood the power of these energies and aligned their building structures upon the Earths geometric magnetic grid accordingly.



Kilmartin Valley attracted visionaries, alchemists and philosophers from all over Europe including the Druids and the Knights Templar. Located within the area is an ancient Knights Templar burial site that includes Templar and Masonic burial stones dated from the thirteenth and eighteenth century. Sacred Geometric forms are carved upon the stones including the ‘seed of life’ mandala and ‘spiral’ designs. This highlights the areas role as a once flourishing center of artistic expression, and a well spring of ancient Gnosis encoded by the ancients.


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Sacred Geometric Forms

The Spiral

The spiral is an ancient symbol found throughout the world, often carved into stone at sacred sites. It represents spirit manifesting into form and is a founding symbol of the mysteries of creation. It was a powerful symbol in the hidden streams of spirituality. Meditating on the spiral is believed to enhance creative energy. The spiral also symbolizes the path of consciousness, manifesting from our core connection with our Divine self, and expanding outwardly.

The Seed of Life Mandala

The Knights Templar encoded many of their architectural structures and burial stones with the ‘seed of life’ Mandala. Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle. The seed of life Mandala was a powerful form of sacred geometric symbolism used by ancient alchemists for its great healing and transformational power.  It contains the patterns of creation which vibrate at a frequency that connects to a higher level of consciousness.

Kilmartin Valley and the Knights Templar Video…